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The Future is Bright for Neon Ninja - Evening Times Glasgow Means Business

Who are you? We are Jen McDonald and Andy Orr and together we run Neon Ninja. What does your business do? Neon Ninja is an alternative streetwear label from Glasgow, catering to everyone and anyone that is ready to step out from the shadows and embrace our neon philosophy. We specialise in bold, colourful prints and textiles inspired by just about anything and everything from 90’s computer games to Japanese streetwear fashion. Where are you based? We currently operate from our studio in the Southside of Glasgow. We are a web based clothing brand which allows us to keep our costs to a minimum. How did you get started? Neon Ninja was born out of endless conversations that lasted well into the wee...

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On the 2nd March 2017 we took part in the Fashioned In Glasgow Fashion Show @ the Lighthouse in Glasgow. The purpose of the event was to provide a supportive platform for emerging and independent designers to gain greater awareness in a vibrant industry.  Check out our interview below and all the links to the Fashioned in Glasgow and The Lighthouse websites and full video of the show. What is your brand? Neon Ninja is an alternative streetwear label from Glasgow, catering to everyone and anyone that is ready to step out from the shadows and embrace our neon philosophy. Our aim is to take over the universe one wardrobe at a time by providing you with clothing that not...

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After almost one year in the making we are delighted to finally welcome you to Neon Ninja.  Here you'll find a ludicrously, bonkers selection of quite possibly the most outlandish, alternative streetwear fashion garments on the planet, all designed and created in the Neon Ninja Imaginarium in Glasgow, Scotland. If dinosaurs, crazy eyes, sparkling fangs and breakfast get you even slightly excited, you have most definitely come to the right place. Go to our shop in the menu bar to navigate between our array of products and limited edition collections. To the little less crazy of us out there this all might sound a bit...well...bonkers, so why not visit our Imaginarium where a cacophony of colour awaits you as well as the opportunity to see the method behind our...

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